The ‘mad collectors’ Axel and Adele always are on the search....

It all started with the magazine "Schöner Wohnen", in which were portrayed different soup tureens in an old kitchen cupboard, all of them in white and white/gold respectively, and I knew exactly, my new hobby would be
After dragging along my husband to every antique market in the vicinity from that moment on, we were fairly successful; we had already acquired 20 tureens up to that point, but where to put them...
Axel at that time was not very enthusiastic about our hobby, but very patient.
The turning point came
when we discovered a little bird with a bee on the pedestal in a store window of an antique store in the center of Munich, Hutschenreuther meant something to us but
Prof. Fritz Klee, didn’t mean a thing to us at that time!
We started obtaining information,
got on the nerves of dealers and discovered the variety of our new hobby:
Boxes, vases, lid vases, figured porcelain, mice, beetles and so many birds!!!!
The “Klee pieces” became rarer and rarer on the German market....
Our new motto was and is
Designers of the factory of Lorenz Hutschenreuther / department of art:
Foucar, Tutter, Krieger, Werner and all the further famous artists from the Art Deco period,
also other factories like:
Rosenthal, Fraureuth, Krautheim, Zeh Scherzer have become very interesting to us in the meantime.
We are glad about every response, maybe you have the longed-for part for us.....


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